You know when you are a nail polish addict when…

Hello Darlings,
You know when you are a nail polish addict when…you end up
with this many new nail polishes in ONE DAY!
Nail Polish Sale from Walgreens
In my defense, the Wet N’ Wild polishes were on sale for 69
cents, which really, how could I turn that down? Especially since I have been
REALLY working on my water marbling techniques. 
I got all of these polishes for under $20! Considering I got 19 bottles,
that is a fantastic sale.  The Sally
Henson polishes were a little more, but they are SO SPARKLY! I love them all!
If only the Sinful polishes weren’t on sale this week for
$0.99 cents a bottle at Walgreens! I will try my hardest to refrain…no promises
Do you take advantage of sales like these? Would you like me
to share when I catch good deals on nail polishes (or anything else?!) in the
future? Let me know!
The Sparkle Queen

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    1. Thanks! I have TONS of great ideas I want to do. April has been pretty rough, and I feel like I have this on going list of ideas I haven't had time for. I hope I can get a lot more done in May 🙂

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