Weekend DIY Project – {Happy Boards}

Looking for something crafty to do this weekend? How about
something that is DIY, perfect for your craft space, AND positive. Oh and about
as personalized as you can get! I’m telling you, this Happy Board has to go on
your to-do list. Plus, it is a great stash buster project.

Custom Happy Board – Weekend DIY Project
Custom Happy Board – Weekend DIY Project
Ok, before we get into the tutorial part, let me explain
what the heck a Happy Board is. I’ve made up the term, not that it’s particularity
clever or anything, but because I was trying to induce happiness.  If you look at my “Words” board on Pinterest,
you will notice most of the 1,200+ pins are generally positive ( or possibly sarcastic,
which is still funny to me!) motivational type pins. Which is great, except
they are all on there, and when I’m not really feeling 100%, it never occurs to
me to go and scroll through my board. SO, on that note, I printed out some of
my favorites and made my own boards to hang in my craft area.

I obviously choose to use pictures and images I found beneficial
to me. But if you are into religious quotes, or old proverbs, or even just
really love cute kittens, print a bunch of whatever you like out, and use that!
Custom Happy Board – Weekend DIY Project
Now to the tutorial part. I used leftover everything, except
for the images of course. I had leftover foam core/poster board from an old
project.  Mixed with leftover ribbon from
the holidays, glue gunned to the back, and a top coat of modge podge, that’s really
all you need.

You can use an old frame or picture from goodwill, and just
plaster over it if you don’t have anything around to use as a backing. Decide
on how many images you want, and what you want their size to be. When in doubt,
go larger. You want to be able to see the images with ease and from a
reasonable distance.
Print the images out and get cutting! Then it’s just as
simple as playing around with placement on the board. When you are ready to
adhere, you can just modge podge them directly on, or use a spray adhesive, let
it dry, and then modge podge them on. Really, just depends on how much time you
have, and what the surface type you are working with is. I did both out of precaution.
If you hadn’t already added pretty ribbon to hang it from,
add after it’s dry. Hang in your favorite crafting area, above your computer,
or somewhere you can easily glance over at to really enjoy.
To get you started, here are some of the images I used on my
Happy Boards:

What would you put on your own Happy Board?

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