Water Marble Nail Art for the April #HePicksMyPolish Nail Art Challenge

Oh, I am so excited to be sharing this look with you today!
This is my entry into the April #HePicksMyPolish Nail Art
Challenge. I am absolutely THRILLED with how this look turned out. Maybe it’s
because my second look for the challenge, (coming soon!) looks, well a bit…..unique.
Let’s say unique. But more on that later this week.


So in case you aren’t familiar with the #HePicksMyPolish
Challenge, here are the basics:

Ok, more nail pictures:

The polishes my Mr. picked for me were:

  • Color Club – Halo Hues “Angel Kiss” #981
  • Wet N Wild – “Sunny Side Up” #405
  • Nicole by OPI – “Promises In The Dark”

You know, I say “picked” like he actively went through my
stash of polishes and thought about what he was choosing. In reality, it was
more of a “10 second blind pick what’s the first polishes that I grab”. Though
this time he did say that the Nicole by OPI bottle looked cool (which is
probably why he’s picked it twice now).
The challenge runs today through next weekend, so if you’d
like to create a look and share it with everyone, please do! You can of course
share it in the InLinkz below, but you can also get the code to share on your
own blog and meet some of the wonderful ladies who make this challenge so
awesome in our Facebook group here.

Make sure to check out all the links in this collection and
read about the adventures these ladies had with this challenge:

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