Under the Gunn: Review {Episode 8} It’s an Unconventional Beach Party

Fine, I’ll say it: I am falling more and more in love with this show.
The producers are constantly pushing their designers in
creative challenges, and that is just awesome as far as I’m concerned.  This week the designers were tasked with ANOTHER
unconventional challenge. The only items they had to work with were those found
at a beach party. Think umbrellas, inflatables, decorations and tiki torches.
These are some of my favorite looks of the week:
Oscar is at it again! This look was made with FANS! I mean,
how impressive is that? I wish it was in any other color other than tan, but that’s
really trivial I’d say.

I’m not normally a fan of that tan/camel look, in mats or in
clothing, but I think this look by Blake is worth reconsidering:
Natalia had an amazing concept- possibly one of the most
unique looks of the bunch. But unfortunately the knitting process just took too
long for her to complete to its fullest potential. I love the look all the same
There were some other looks that were nice, but I think for
most women, despite what the judges say – those peek-a-boo separates look ridiculous.
And I live in Florida, home of the tacky tourists! An inch or two in your high
waist line where your clothes aren’t touching or covering over? It just looks odd
-and in my opinion, unflattering.
I’m really excited about the “transitional” challenge next
are your thoughts on separates like the ones seen in this episode? Yes or no

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