Under the Gunn: Review {Episode 7} Steampunk Chic

Praise the fashion-tv-producers because FINALLY, there is an
episode that pushes the designers to do something new and different. This week
the designers were given two days to create a steampunk inspired avant-garde
Normally, I’d feel compelled to go into some of the other
details of the show. Who was snotty, who should go home, but I’m trying to stay
positive here.  So straight to my
favorite looks of the week!
Michelle’s steampunk inspired look was great! I love the
stained glass details she incorporated with some amazing tailoring.

Natalia had a pretty awesome look too this week. If you
missed the show, it is actually a functional piece. The model can literally
roll up the length of the dress to her liking. I could do without the gold lace
on the bottom, but other than that I think it was a great look.
Oscar knocked it out of the park this week! The sheer amount
of details and craftsmanship that was put into this look is just incredible.
This was my favorite look of the week.

I think Stephanie should get an honorable mention. With just
a little more tweaking and a little more boundary pushing, she could have gone
a lot further and had a much more interesting look.
Oh, and can I just say:
I love the creative trend the show is going. Next week is another unconventional
challenge – and the theme is “beach party”.  You know that’s going to be an interesting
If you are just tuning in, you can catch up on all the
episodes on the My
Lifetime website
. They stream all the episodes for free which is awesome.

Are you watching this new series? Which designer do you love so far?

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