Under the Gunn: Review {Episode 6} Pompeii Team Challenge

I have mixed feelings about them.  On the one hand: you have to work with other
people in the real world. You HAVE to be able to communicate your thoughts and
learn to compromise, share ideas and work as a team.
On the OTHER hand: the way Project Runway (who seems to now
have their name plastered all over this show) does team challenges, is more
geared towards creating a drama-induced explosion for prime time tv, instead of
a situation that may actually produce beautiful results.
Rant over.
This week the designers were tasked with the challenge of
working as a team within their mentor groups to create three looks inspired by
the upcoming movie Pompeii.
Being the Whovian that
I am, I can’t help but think of the “Fires of Pompeii” episode. Not only was it
a great episode, but with Peter Capaldi now taking over the role as the Doctor AND
being in that episode…. It just makes me wish August was here already. I want
to see how he interprets his new role!

Right. Back to Under the Gunn.
1 day, 1 look from each designer. Each mentors team has to
have a cohesive collection. What could go wrong?
Favorite looks of the week:
Hands down my favorite look of the week is this dress by
Blake. It’s black. It’s flowy. AND it has a little hoodie. What’s not to love?

I’m also a fan of the romper that Stephanie made. Normally I
don’t find rompers that appealing, but this looked so bright and beautiful, I
just fell in love with it.

I wish I had something nice to say about Mondo’s team looks.
But they weren’t well made. The ideas were probably there, but trying to pull
of detailed leather looks in one day challenges never works.
Also- it’s worth noting that Tim Gunn is doing an amazing job helping
the mentors learn how to help and motivate their designers.  Though I’m not sure why he backed the notion
to keep Nicholas this week. He’s already been in the bottom before…hasn’t
really shown anything WOW worthy, so why keep him around?
Next week is STEAMPUNK, and I can’t wait to see that episode.
That should be interesting if nothing else since it is technically
unconventional materials. You know I love my unconventional challenges.

Who created some of your favorite looks this week? And what are your
thoughts on all of this Nick-induced drama?

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