Under the Gunn: Review {Episode 5} Hit the Stage

Soooo….another week has just flown by, and another episode
of Under the Gunn has aired. The fifth episode in the new series was all about
creating a performance piece for young starlet Zendaya. I usually love these
challenges because that means the designers get free range (ish) to go all out
and create some fantastic looks.
But then I watched the whole show. What a lack luster
runway! These are supposed to be performance, eye catching performance looks. I
know Zendaya is a bit of a tomboy, but too many of these looks were so casual,
the everyday woman could wear most of them.
As it turns out, I only liked part of one look. This week,
it happened to be from the designer Sam. And truth be told, I really only like
the jacket part. Here’s a quick look at it:

You can see the runway looks here
and decide for yourself. Did you like any of the looks from this week’s runway

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