Under the Gunn: Review {Episode 3}

How exciting!
The first FULL episode of Under the Gunn aired last night. I
can’t tell you how much I was looking forward to it. The concept of the show is
refreshing, and I’m a huge fan of Tim Gunn, so how could it possibly go wrong?
If you missed the first two episodes (or any of them as the
season goes on), you can always watch them for free on the “My
” website. That’s where I do all of my viewings!
Back to this week’s episode…. The designers and mentors were
tasked with the challenge of creating a one day, “Hollywood Glamour” look for
the red carpet. It always baffles me that they want red carpet, high end looks
churned out in one day. Would it really kill them to give the designers TWO
days to work?
I’m not sure what MOST people’s interpretation of “Hollywood
Glamour”  is, but I know without a shadow
of a doubt, that JUMPSUITS is not in the top 5 things that come to mind for most.
Yes, YES, I realize that not every red carpet is star studded in gowns and
jewels, but a JUMPSUIT!?
These are my favorites of this week: (PS – you can
click on the links to see the designer’s work in other views and angles!)
I loved Blake’s soft, pastel

at least had a sleek and glamorous dress, even if it wasn’t the most original
or jaw dropping:

I ALMOST put Oscar’s green
in my favorites list, just for the sheer fact that it was not black
or red, and was an untraditional red carpet color, but it was pretty bland past
the color.
For me, those were my only favorites out of the 12 designs
shown this week. I know, not a lot, but I can’t help these designers and their
need to put jumpsuits and pants down the runway.
So, are you watching Under the Gunn? And who created some of your
favorite looks so far?

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