Twin Tuesday: Glitter + Anthemion

Today I am sharing with you a two in one nail art post!
First off, I have a twin! Not a real life twin, but a blogger twin!
Earlier in the year I joined the Twin Blog Post group on
Facebook, created by Katherine
of Rambles of a Polish Addict
, and was lucky enough to be paired up with Katie from Lustrous Lacquer.  Check out what Katie created HERE
In our Facebook group, everyone
got paired up with another blogger, and assigned a random theme. We got “anthemion
as our challenge theme. Can’t say it was my first choice, but I like a good
According to Artlandia, this is what that print looks like:

I ALSO have been participating in Sam from Fingerfood Nails’s
Theme Week Challenges. This week, the theme week was sparkle!
So it only made sense to me to combine the two challenges in
one. How do you think I did? I did my best to create the swirly, palm effect of our
pattern. Not bad for a first go, right?
I’ve got two sets of link up groups down below, so you can
see BOTH challenges entries. Enjoy browsing through everyone’s work:

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    1. Haha thanks blogger twin! I think the only reason the swirly part worked out for me was because that is what a lot of my doodles in school were somewhat like. I KNEW there was a reason for all those doodles in my notebooks….

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