Topsy Turvy Win!

Have any of you tried a Topsy Turvy?  Has anyone had any luck with their Topsy Turvy? For anyone out there who are not convinced that the Topsy Turvy planters can actually grow something, I am here to prove you wrong! Now that I know I can actually grow things in the Topsy Turvy , I want to try to make my own cover or wrap for this, so it’s not some big plastic cylinder. Any suggestions?

Living in such a small apartment, with an even smaller patio, space is so limited! I figured I may as well start utilizing the hanging space as much as I can, and I still can’t get over how great these little squashes grew! These pictures are from earlier this year, but I’m posting them now so you can start getting your brain ready to decide what you want to plant next season! I think I’ll try something new this next season!

See the first set of squashes coming in here:

And then about two weeks later, look how much it grew! (Sorry for the blur! I have such an unsteady hand!)

I wonder if I had trimmed them back a little more, would the plants would have produced larger fruit?

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