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Buffalo Plaid with a Touch of Silver Sparkle – Christmas Table Decor for Two

I love plaid in Christmas decorations. There are so many different Christmas variations and color combinations to choose, each as lovely as the next. You can only imagine my delight when earlier this year, sometime around mid-summer, I was at the thrift store, like you do – and found a pair of buffalo plaid place mats with silver sparkle accent running through the patter for just a few dollars.

As I’ve created all the different looks during my 2017 tablescape challenge, I’ve realized that while of course it’s easy to make beautiful tablescapes for four or more, sometimes it’s harder to make a table for two that is proportionate and appropriate, and honestly – making it look functional to some degree is hard as well.

As challenging as it can be to create a beautiful tablescape for only two, it is often very rewarding. I don’t have any hard numbers of couples who decorate or don’t decorate their table, or even just do a basic place setting, but I do know Pinterest, and there is not a lot of tables set for two floating around. But I’m happy to add mine into the mix!

Allow me to present to you my thrift store based buffalo plaid table decor with a touch of silver sparkle- a Christmas table for two.

silver sparkle and buffalo plaid - table decor for christmas


Buffalo plaid and silver sparkle table for two - table decor for christmas by A Sparkly Life for Me

Below I will get into how much everything cost, but can we just appreciate this amazing glitter flatware that I found at the thrift store?

glitter resin or acrylic flatware silverware from thrift store - A Sparkly Life for Me

DIY buffalo plaid and silver sparkle christmas table decor


And how about these fantastic little glasses?

Thrift store christmas place setting and glassware

Don’t normally see black and silver on a Christmas table too often do we?

black gel beads and silver glitter picks centerpiece decor DIY

So the money part of this tablescape, let’s see how much this silver sparkle buffalo plaid table decor cost to put together:

What does that make our total for this thrift store based buffalo plaid table decor with a touch of silver sparkle? A solid $13!

I’ve uploaded two videos to walk you through recreating this on your table this holiday season:

Don’t forget to pin these images for future reference, you can never have too many ideas:

DIY Christmas Buffalo Plaid and Silver Table Decor


How To Buffalo Plaid and Silver Sparkle Christmas Table for Two by A Sparkly Life for Me

How To Simple Triangle Christmas Tree Napkin Fold by A Sparkly Life for Me



What do you think about the silver sparkle mixed with buffalo plaid?

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  1. I love the glitter silverware and have most of the set too- I am looking though to add to it- if you ever want to sell the glitter silverware, please let me know!

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