The Year Without A Santa Claus Nail Art

How many of you know that movie? It is by far one of my
FAVORITE Christmas movies of all times. It was on reruns all the time when I
was a kid, and watched it over and over again I loved it so much. I remember
running around and singing and dancing to the Heat Miser’s song, and of course
to Snow Miser’s version.
You can sing along with this clip of them, you know I am!
Those are some of my favorite parts to the movie, so I
figured, why not make them into a fun mani?

I whipped up some decals and created this look:

Each side has their own gradient. Heat Miser has the fiery
flames gradient, and Snow Miser has a sparkly ice cavern gradient.
I’ve talked more than enough, let’s get to more pictures:

So really it comes down to this:
Which is YOUR favorite?

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  1. Yep, another vote for Mr Snow…I liked him better in the show too! I have been wanting to try making some decals, but wasn't sure if I could do it with an ink jet. What did you use?

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