The Study of a Juvenile Emperor Angelfish {for Fingerfood’s Theme Buffet: Week 1}

Can you believe we are already getting into the second week
of 2014? Time is still flying it seems.
Now normally, I’m not one for New Year’s goals and
resolutions – because if I’m going to do something, I’m doing it NOW and I tend
not to get into that “oh I’ll start my diet Monday” type persons. Nothing
against that mindset, I’m just wired a little differently. But this year, I did
set myself some goals to work towards: I
want to expand and develop my nail art techniques and tools further
Sounds like a good plan right?
It was. Or I suppose still could be. But somehow, in the
last week or so, I’ve managed to break, tear or severely damage so many of my
nails. It was just one after another. I had to cut them all down super short,
and patch some of the bad breaks. Sadly, they are still pretty fragile for
whatever reason, but the patches seem to be holding.
I couldn’t bring myself to patch them all up, and then paint
them and strip them down so quickly, so I figured I’ll give them time to rest
and heal. In the meantime, I have SO MANY nail art ideas and things I want to
do, I’m just heartbroken. The only solution I could come up with was to try
painting on loose falsie. Not ideal, but what are you going to do.
I know, I know, less chat more nails!
I choose to study the Juvenile Emperor Angelfish and use
that as my nail art inspiration. I picked different sections and tried my best
to replicate them using new techniques and tools.

For this look, I was working on getting more familiar with the various nail art brushes, and playing with texture.

As much as I love the gloss finish, I wasn’t convinced it
was the best finish to mimic the fish. I tried  a light
coat of matte finish over it, and unfortunately smudged it a little in the

Here are some of the matte finish pictures:

If you want to join in, these are the prompts for future
Oh, and why not join our Facebook Group too?

What do you like more? The gloss or matte finish? Can you
see the resemblance to the fish?

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    1. Thanks Sam! There must just be something about this time of the year or the color or SOMETHING. I swear I've read several other ladies are having the same issues we are. Weird. We are in it together 🙂

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