The Sparkle Queen is now A Sparkly Life for Me – Yippee!




As you’ve probably noticed – The Sparkle Queen is now A Sparkly Life for Me. I’m sure you’ve noticed the domain change (and slowly but surely my other social media accounts), but what you probably didn’t notice – were the changes on the back-end.

Yup, that’s right. I moved from Blogger to WordPress. FINALLY. I know, I should have done it ages ago, but you know….. I wish I could say I did it myself. I know a lot of you reading this, especially my fellow beauty bloggers, took on that hurdle yourself. And I applaud you. And if I was drinking right now, I’d toast to you. But as it turns out, ain’t NOBODY got time for that transfer project, and certainly not me. Thankfully my transition went very well. I found a fantastic shop on Etsy that offers a transfer service – best decision I’ve made so far!

On the front end, I’m still working on tweaking and adjusting a lot of things. You’ll likely see some small tweaks and changes over the next few weeks, but if find yourself looking for something in particular, tweet to me  and I’ll see if I can’t find it for you. Or tell me what you think of the new site. Or both!

Now, you are probably wondering WHY I did all this.

And as much as I wish I had a whole “I’m changing the direction of my blog and doing this and this fabulous thing,” I’m actually just going back to more of what I wanted to do when I started this whole thing back in 2011.

I just want to share the cool projects and manicures I make, as I make them. For too long I was trying to post x many times a week, be part of this challenge and participate this nail art group. I think over time, I just got burnt out. My love for nail art was still there, but the process, oooohhhh did it get to me. I hated working so hard on  look only to have it on for a day or two at max, so I could take it off any do something else. It just took a lot of the fun out of it.

Really, I want to get back to doing the projects that I want to work on, the manicures I want to try – and be able to ENJOY them and leave them on for more than a few hours. So you’ll likely be seeing a more even mix of nail art and DIY creations, especially as the holidays are practically right around the corner (sorry for the reminder!). I’ve also been getting into painting again, so maybe I’ll share some of that here too! It comes down to this:

I love finding ways to add a little sparkle to my day – be it on my nails, a little bling on my dress, or a shimmery accent piece hanging on my walls. And I love sharing them with you. So that’s what I’m going to do.


If you’re as excited as I am, good! You should be, ‘cause I am! I’ve got a lot of great ideas I’m looking forward to creating and sharing with you. Plus – I have some other VERY exciting news coming up soon about upgrades to and my Etsy shop. Be sure to subscribe so you can get all of the details as they come out.

What are you favorite WordPress plugins? I’m dying to discover more! Tell me your faves in the comments!

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