{Take 2} Guest Poster: The Dalai Lama’s Nails + Abstract Freehand Nails

Oh man, I  feel SO bad! I had no idea that the pictures in the original post I shared while I was off on my honeymoon didn’t work! Clearly I still have to work on my technical repertoire. I really wanted you all to enjoy more of the fabulous works of the lovely Hannah from thedalailamasnails.com. Since I THINK I’ve got things sorted out, here goes the post again:

Hi there! I’m Hannah from thedalailamasnails.com. I’m so excited and honored to be guest posting here today – and so excited for the Sparkle Queen’s upcoming wedding! Congrats, girl, and enjoy every minute! 

Like the Sparkle Queen, I love all things glittery. But for today’s look, I decided to go a different route. For this manicure, I only used one polish! That is basically unheard of for me – but I knew I wanted to do a swirly, abstract design over my naked nails, so I decided to keep it simple. I used Sally Hansen Black Out and a very fine detailing brush (this one, I bought it on Amazon for $4.79) to draw in the swirls and shapes, pretty much just doodling over a base coat! I really love how this turned out, and it was a good opportunity to practice my line-work. I sealed it all in a with a thick layer of top coat.

Thanks for having me here! 

From The Sparkle Queen:

Hi ladies! I hope you are enjoying these super talented guest posters as much as I am! When Hannah first sent me these images, I was just blown away by their detail and intricate beauty, weren’t you? Thank you so much for sharing them with us Hannah! To keep seeing more of her looks, make sure to check out ALL of her pages. xo The Sparkle Queen

All the details you need to know:

Twitter: @dalaihannah  
Instagram: Dalaihannah  
Pinterest: Dalaihannah 
My apologies again! Hopefully now you can admire the lovely work by Hannah! 

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