Super Sparkly Holo Gradient Nail Art

Oooohhhh my! Have I got a sparkly manicure for you!
It’s so sparkly, I could hardly capture it in a photo.  I tried, but this is all I got:

Looks good, but not as good as in motion! Yup, I had to
record a nails in motion video for this mani. If you are subscribed to my YouTube channel
you know I hardly ever do that. I mean, I love my manicures, but they don’t all
deserve a whole video dedicated to the pure blingy awesomness that they are.
But this manicure did. Tell me they aren’t awesome and ridiculously shiny:

I used:
ORLY “Dazzle #40486 (Silver)
Color Club “Halo-Graphic” #978 (Holographic)
Princess Glamour “Blossom” (Pink Sparkly Top Coat)

So tell me: Is this
too much sparkle for your nails? I hope not!

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