Sunshine Sunflowers – Nail Art

Oh man, it has been FAR too long since I feel like I’ve
gotten to share any nail art with you. I’ve been busy with normal summer time
things, you know, laying out by the pool….sunning at the beach….sipping delicious
frozen drinks, you know, the good stuff!
Haha I wish!
There’s only been a little of that this summer so far. I’ve
actually been locked in my hypothetical-office here getting ready to share
something super exciting. My little secret project 100% nail art related, so I’m
pretty sure you’ll forgive my absence once you hear about it.  And you’ll be hearing about it soon I think!
Fingers crossed!

I did create this sunny sunflower look, which I’m quite pleased with! I’m trying not to forget my goal of 2014 to try new nail art techniques and learn to free hand a little better. I’d say this was a good try, wouldn’t you?
If you like this look, you can see the video I put together
of how I made it. Feel free to try yourself! I actually am thinking of trying
this look again, but in more colorful blues or maybe hot pinks as the petal
colors. I think the extra contrast will be good.

How does yellow polish look on your skin tone? 

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  1. Those sunflowers look so pretty and just looking at them makes me feel warm. I like that you used creme and glitter polishes here to create the petals <3

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