Summer Sunset Nail Art

I know I know, it’s not technically summer right now. But technically,
it kinda –sorta still is. I mean, I live in Florida; it’s generally some
variation of hot year round. But as you are reading this, I am still off on my
honeymoon and it is warm and sunny in paradise!

A few days ago, I shared with you how Zoya Reva looked on its
own, and it was a stunner of a color. But I was supposed to be practicing looks
I wanted to do on my vacation, and I just loved how these came out.
Using the technique I shared in this video, I created these
sunset like nails with some simple rhinestones and glitter polish.

I love how sparkly and vibrant they are, especially for this
time of the year! 
What do you think of these nails? Could you see yourself with
these nails, while sipping a drink near the pool?

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  1. Really Wonderfull nail designs. I have came here from your Christmas centerpieces board at pinterest. It is real wonderful board. And this blog is another wonderful creations from you. Surely I will pin some images from this post to my pinterest board.
    Will you consider some image from my post about Christmas Table Decorations to your board.

    Sajith from

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