Top 50 Summer Nail Art Ideas!

Hello Darlings!

It’s that time again. I’ve put together a list of my fifty most FAVORITE nail art designs for the summer! Most have tutorials, and I strongly encourage you to go check out other manicure idea’s from these ladies FANTASTIC blogs and channels!

Summer Nail Art Ideas

Fish AND Ocean Waves Nail Art:

Ocean Wave Water Marble Nail Art by My Simple Little Pleasures:

Charlotte’s Nails “Big Blue” Octopus Manicure:

Adventures In Acetone has a great detailed Blue Fish Manicure:

Fish Nail Art
Mr. Candiipant’s Koi Nail Art Tutorial:
Spektor’s Nails Rainbow Fish Nail Art:
Fish Nail Art

I have TWO favorites from Nailed Daily for this category. First, her Dolphin Nail Art:

Fish Nail Art

I also love her Under The Sea Nail Art, it is beautiful!

Fish Nail Art

Jelly Fish Nail Art by NADbyMai:

Some of the CUTEST and easiest looking fish I’ve seen so far are made by EasyNailArt1:

Nautical Nail Art:

Glitta Gloves Nautical Nail Art:

Nautical Nail Art

Crazy About Nails’ Sailor Toe Nails:

Nautical Nail Art

Pixie Polish‘s Nautical Nail Art Video:

Polish Art Addiction’s Nautical Stripes:
Nautical Nail Art
Beautopia’s Anchors Aweigh Nail Art:
Nautical Nail Art
Cutepolish’s Nautical Sailor Nails:

Mymakeupmania’s Nautical Themed Nail Art:
Nautical Nail Art

Summer Sky Nail Art:

Nailed Daily’s Jessica Vero’s  Silver Lining Nail Art:
Divine Caroline’s Summer Sky Nail Art Tutorial:
Fancy Phalanges Mr. Blue Sky Nail Art:
Peace Love Lacquer’s Nail Art Tutorial of Rainbow Nails:

I have two favorites from Adventures in Acetone’s Blog for this category, first up are her beautiful star Polka Dots:

Shooting Star Nail Art Tutorial by Meliney:

Sonoma Nail Art’s Summer Fashion:
The Sparkle Queen’s Summer Sky Dot Nail Art:
My “Summer Heat Waves” Water Marble Nail Art:
Sunset Gradient Nails by StephandNails BK:

Fanning the Fume’s Mr. Sky Nail Art:

Tropical, Flowers, Palm Trees, AND Beach Nail Art:

Palm Tree Nails by iartkandi:

A pretty Beach Manicure by Paint That Nail:

College Fashion’s DIY Beach Ball Nail Art Tutorial:
Paint That Nail also has some lovely Sunset scenes:
Robin Moses has a STUNNING Blue Tropical Flower Nail Art Tutorial Video:

Sunset Palms by soguesswhat11:
Polished Indulgence’s Summer Orange and Turquoise with Hibiscus Accents Mani Tutorial:

Beautopia O Nails has two Palm Tree looks for us, first: A Sunset Palm Nail Art:

And also a day time Beach Palm Oasis look:

Jems From Jenny’s Jamaican Sunset Nails:

Picnic AND Fruit Nail Art:

Wow Nails Strawberry Nail Art Tutorial:

TotallyCoolNails’ Summertime Watermelon Nails:

Lace & Lacquer’s Summer Strawberry Nail Art:
Summer Citrus Ombre Nail Effect + Fruit Slices by XUrbanBellaX:

Picnic Nail Art Ant Invasion Tutorial by Juliatmll:

Juliatmll also has a super cute tutorial of Marshmellows Roasting on an Open Fire Camping:

Renierainyday has a great tutorial for cute ice-cream summer nail art:

Cute Polish’s Citrus Nail Art:
Plussizediva24’s Fruity Summer Nail Art Design:

AnnieLeighVideos’s DIY Watermelon Nail Art:

The Crafty Ninja has a MASSIVE tutorial post I love with a photo how to on all of these fruit nail art designs:

Right now, I plan on adding more tutorials as people send them to me! So if you have made a great nail art design you want shared, drop a link in the comments below or on FACEBOOK!

I hope you are as inspired as me!

The Sparkle Queen

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    1. Absolutely! I love putting these together. It's nice to have all the ideas in one place you know? Every time I go on Pinterest I get distracted by all the other things, so I figured this was good for other girls like me out there lol. Thanks for checking it out <3

    1. Oh yay! Glad you found this post! Hope you found some fabulous ideas. Don't forge to check out the "nail art" page up top, there is lots of links to other link parties and blog hops with even MORE inspiration.

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