Star Spangled Link Up + Best Of: Nail Art {Weekly Link Party}

Welcome to the 26th  “Best Of: Nail Art” link party of 2014! It is my hope that this will be the place you will come to share the posts you are most proud of, and see the creations that other nail artists have shared as well.

***This week there are TWO link ups going on. The first one, is the weekly Best Of: Nail Art link party. The second: a star spangled, all American, everything red, white and blue, patriotic link party extravaganza!***

The rules are pretty simple … for the Best Of: Nail Art link party:

You can use links from Nail Art Gallery, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, blogs, Salon pages, etc. , whichever is easiest for you. Youtube videos are fine too, you just need to have an image to upload with the link.

Any questions? Feel free to ask away in the comments down below, or get in touch with me through any of my social media sites (see the top right of the page for links!).

See the best of last week’s nail art HERE

**Help spread the word and share this post with your favorite bloggers. The more the merrier -and the more awesome nail art you can see in the future. So the next time you see cool nail art you like, make sure to ask the artist to add it to next week’s party!**

Small update: I’m taking a little nail art break myself for the time being. I’ve got lots of exciting projects happening behind the scenes right now, and I really want to get them finished so I can share them with you soon! I’ll be back to my regularly scheduled posts soon, so no worrying!

Make sure to schedule reminders in your phone, ‘cause this party is happening again: same time, same place, next week! 

***Star Spangled Link Up***
Come share all your your patriotic nail art from as far back as you want to share! Add as many posts as you’d like, as long as they are 4th of July related. You can share this linkup on YOUR blog with your followers by getting the code HERE. This link party will be kept open till Monday  night so you can add your mani from over the weekend in too!

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