Spur of the moment TIE DYE!

Hello Darlings!
I completely forgot to share my tie dye looks I made a few weeks ago with you! I took the pictures and just left them behind on my camera. Not a lot of planning went into this project; I just woke up one day and really wanted to tie dye something (probably some subconscious influence for looking at Pinterest before bed). So a quick trip to Wal-Mart and a few hours later, I had these cool new looks:

One shirt I bought on my little outing , mostly because it was on clearance, but the other two are actually things I got from Victoria’s Secret Outlet last year when they were having  one of their big sales.  The dyes themselves were just part of a tie-dye combo pack that walmart had ready to use in store. I want to say for the 3 color box set with all the little things you need, it was like 10 bucks. Not bad. The package SAYS you can dye up to 7 shirts or something. They lie. Also, the colors seemed to fade each wash, so not ideal for a shirt you plan on wearing all the time. But I still love them!
Also, I put together this little picture guide of where I put the dies. I spent a good half hour googling how to wrap or twist or manipulate the clothing for the dye look I wanted. The looks you see in the pictures are with the “hurricane” style twisting. Then the dye went on as follows (same dye on the back and front of the shirts when they are twisted up. And yes, the white means no dye!
Just wanted to share these with you! They were so much fun to make, and I would defiantly consider making more in the future.  I can honestly say it was one of my cleaner projects lately.
The Sparkle Queen

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