Spring Flowers Nail Art – FingerFood’s Theme Buffet

I almost didn’t say “Spring” flowers. I was tempted to just
say “Flowers” for FingerFood’s Theme Buffet.
You want to know why?
BECAUSE IT IS SO HOT. And it is only March. I guess that is
part of the Floridan life, but I don’t remember EVER having a “spring” feeling.
I think this year February stayed mostly in the mid to upper 70s, so that was
pleasant. But the last few days – have been in the 80s, hot, and humid.
Being a lifelong Floridian, I can’t claim to know the true
beauty of the seasons, but I’ve seen enough in the movies and television to
know/assume there is supposed to be flowers everywhere, fields of pinks and purples
and reds. Dainty smells whishing though the air. And because I’m a Disney baby:
I have to assume there are just cute little birds chirping along.
Hah! I’m laughing at that too. I seriously doubt that is at
ALL what happens, but that’s ok, I can dream.
Flowers were the theme of the week for the exciting
FingerFood’s Theme Buffet.  And these are

Keeping up with my goal to try and improve my freehand, I
attempted to work on making grass and stems. Didn’t want to go too far too soon
and try and paint the flowers too! That would be crazy. And hideous.

I did record how I made these nails, so make sure you are subscribed
to my Youtube
so you get updated when I upload tutorials!
And if you want to take part in this challenge, join us on Facebook
to get all the details. Oh – and the challenge is extending past March, with a
new graphic coming soon.

What is Spring like where you live?

**UPDATE: There has been a video tutorial on how I made these**

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  1. These are so pretty! I love how dream-like the leaves are and the way you did the flowers adds a lot of dimension.

    80 degrees in March ;_; Jealous. It's somewhere in the 30s here right now, and that actually feels WARM compared to the rest of the winter

  2. Oh my dot… These are gorgeous! I love using microbeads for the flowers! I've been agonizing over wanting to do bluebonnet nails, but my last attempt was such a fail. You may have just given me the keys to the kingdom!

    1. Hehe thank you! Actually, I should go update the details. Those aren't micro/caviar beads (though they look just like it) they are actually flat back stones (like the rhinestones) that are probably plastic, but have a pearl look to them.

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