Sparkling Jack-O-Lantern Halloween Nails

Oh mannnnn……
My poorest pointer fingernail took a bit of a bad break the
other day. Thankfully it was a clean break… but now my nail looks all jagged. It’s
not QUITE at the point where I feel I need to trim all of my nails down, but it
still is a little bit wonky.
But in an effort to embrace the oddness, I made a silly
little jack-o-lantern design on him. I even used black rhinestones to give him
a funny little expression. 
And as much as I’d like to tell you that amazing sparkly
polish is in fact amazing, I cannot. I love the Kleancolor polishes, but they
are HORRIBLE to work with. Insane stenches and ridiculous dry times, but oh
man, those colors! The things we do for our nail art.
I couldn’t just leave my other hand without an accent nail.
So I picked up some googly eyes just for fun. I originally planned on putting
those over a flat black, but I couldn’t resist having it over the pretty
Since I don’t think these pictures do quite the justice, I’m
going to try and record a quick nails in motion tutorial and get share it soon.
Make sure you are subscribed to me on Youtube so you don’t miss it!
Also- if you are looking for even MORE nail art ideas for
Halloween, fall, and autumn, you may appreciate this

So, which accent finger do you like more?

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