The Sparkles Continue….on ETSY!

Hello Darlings and HELLOOOO ETSY!
A lot of things have changed since I have started writing
this blog. I’ve been doing less “diy” projects and more “artsy” projects
lately. I’ve started to REALLY love learning about (and trying to make my own)
nail art. You can tell on my Pinterest board I am absolutely in love with the
nail art scene.  On top of that, I’ve
also switched to a more “Primal Blueprint” lifestyle which is a lot less baking
and treats making. Needless to say I haven’t shared AS MUCH content with you
guys as I perhaps once would have.
I really love sharing things I make with everyone, and I
like to think you enjoy seeing my creations as well. As I continue to try new recipes
and projects, and certainly more nail art designs, I will continue to share
them with you!
A LARGE chunk of my time and focus has been in stocking and
creating things for my Etsy store. If you have not had a moment to check it
out, I would really appreciate it if you took a second and stopped by. I am
obviously still in the early phases of developing it, so if you have any feedback
or suggestions, PLEASE send them to me! I appreciate and welcome any insights
or critiques you are willing to share with me.  Here are some of my nail art designs available
on my store right now:

California Summer Sunset Abstract Summer Water Marble Nail Art 

Mardi Gras Purple Amethyst Yellow Gold Green Abstract  Summer Water Marble Nail Art

Pink Purple White Pastel Subtle Abstract Summer Water Marble Nail Art

Bold Black And White Abstract Water Marble Nail Art

Funky Blue Green Yellow Water Marble Nail Art

What do you think? Do you like this style nail art? I am
really loving making this wondering, one of a kind nail art that you can wear
more than once, and enjoy for many occasions. I can guarantee no two sets will
ever be the same!
What I would love to know from you would be what type of
content YOU would like to see more of. Do you like more food related posts?
Nail art? Apartment Gardening? DIY and Crafts? Or something else entirely? Let
me know, and I will try and get more of that in!
Thank you all so much for continuing to support and follow
me! I look forward to many more excellent posts to come!
The Sparkle Queen

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