Something New + #HePicksMyPolish + The Worst Stripes Ever

I’m one of those people that enjoy marking things off a hand
written list, and in the making of this look, I got to mark TWO things off my
list. Oh the joy! The happiness! Until I looked at the picture, and realized that these were verrrrrry loose interpretation of stripes. Usually, stripes are straight. These…. are not.

And while that’s well and good, I kinda feel like this with
this look:

Yeah. I thought I would try my hand at stripes. Apparently I’ve
never done them before. Surely, how hard could it be? Haha, how those words are
mocking me right now. I figured with the use of striping tape PLUS the fact
that one of the polishes I was dealt for this #HePicksMyPolish round was a
striping polish, what could go wrong?

I may as well been drunk when doing this. I SWEAR at the
time they looked straight. Oh well, can’t be awesome all the time, right?
The trio of polishes my Mr. was oh so generous to pick for
me was:
  • Orly – “Sashay My Way” #40449 (the gold glitter mix)
  • Kleancolor – “Charcoal” # 6 (the metallic grey, recently
    used in this look)
  • Sinful Colors – “Bad Chick” striping brush (the white,
    ironic name for it isn’t it?)

This was actually the second look with this set of polishes
I made. I had a whole other look underneath, but I hated it and at 1 in the
morning started over again. It was just bothering me that much. I’m actually
really glad that the FingerFood Theme Buffet of the week’s prompt was “something
new” or else I may never have tried this.
Make sure to check out all of the other fabulous looks
ladies have made for this challenge in the link ups below:

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  1. Same as what everyone else is saying, I think you're being too hard on yourself. <3 But I know how it is – you're always your own worst critic.

    I think it looks pretty amazing. I don't think I could get lines that good without some sort of guide or tape. I'm actually pretty shocked that you'd never wound up doing stripes by now!

  2. Ok, I think it's official! I MAAAYYY have over-worried about this look a tad. Thanks ladies for bringing back and center 🙂 And yeah, I tried going through my nail art, don't see any painted stripes! At least none I could find 🙂 I have NO IDEA how that is even possible….crazy.

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