Submerged Snowflakes in Gel Beads Centerpiece

Snowflakes Frozen in Time – Easy Christmas Centerpiece and Table Decor

Can you believe it – in less than 2 weeks we will be in 2018! It’s incredible how time flies. Today I share my last installment of my 2017 tablescape challenge with an easy to do, last-minute friendly, snowflakes centerpiece. I like to think of it as “snowflakes frozen in time”. It really does look like snow has been captures falling, and when it hits the ground, the snowflakes turn in to soft billows of snow. What do you think?

DIY Winter Snowflakes Frozen in Time Christmas Centerpiece with gel beads

A thrift store based table, no doubt about that. Just a few dollars for place mats and candles, had the white table cloth and candlesticks on hand already.


DIY winter snowflake easy gel bead submerged centerpiece - easy christmas table decor

Snowflakes frozen in time winter christmas centerpiece from above

Did you want to see how to make this centerpiece? I’ve got a step by step video tutorial, and I promise – its way easier than you expected!

I absolutely love the way the light plays with the sparkle on the snowflakes – it’s just magical!


Submerged Snowflakes in Gel Beads Centerpiece

Floating snowflake centerpiece for christmas and winter DIY tutorial

How To Submerged Snowflake Christmas Centerpiece by A Sparkly Life for Me

What is on your table this New Years?


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    1. Haha, thanks Monica! I have a few other seasonal items I’m thinking will look just as beautiful I plan on sharing next year.

  1. I love this idea and am considering it for a retirement dinner. I have one question – how long does it last? What I mean is will it be a few days before the snowflakes stop floating or does it need to be done the day of the party.

    1. I would recommend making it the day before. Typically you don’t want the gel beads to sit for days because it’s standing water, and things can get in it and may be hard to get out. If you do it the day before, you should just have to top off the water levels the day of the party. Good luck!

    1. Thanks Amy! These came from my local Michael’s in the seasonal section, though I’ve seen similar ones at the Dollar Tree.

  2. How many beads did you use? I want to make this for a winter wonderland prom for special needs individuals and have to make 50 vases?

    1. Hi Janice! I used a lot! I would suggest getting some of the bulk beads off ebay so you have extra. It all depends on what size vase, fullness, etc you use. Good luck!

  3. I am making these for a grooms dinner decoration. I am finding they are still absorbing water. how do you hydrate your beads so that they hit a saturation point?

    1. Hi Mary! It depends how long you let them “soak” initially. I typically suggest at least 4-6 hours minimum. That aside, if you leave these out for more then a day or so, you will find that water naturally evaporates and you’ll have to put some additional water in the arrangement to keep it looking it’s best.

    1. Yes the gel balls fill in everywhere! They just disappear when you add water. They help keep everything in place 🙂

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