Smelling the Ozone Dear

Yes, you read the title correctly. And the nails. They DO
say “smelling the ozone dear.”
No, you are not going out of your mind.
But if you were one for wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey….stuff…….
 you MAY be familiar with a series called
Doctor Who. It’s one of my favorite shows.
Whovians, as Doctor Who fans are fondly referred to as,  have been known to take over the Pinterest “geek”
boards from time to time. I’d like to submit my humble nail art and nerdness to
the community.
And YES. This is my weekly challenge entry to FingerFood’s  Theme Weeks. This week was “weather”.

See, these nails are inspired by one of my favorite Doctor
Who minisodes, titled “Rain Gods”. It’s only about a minute long. You can watch
it here:

Doctor Who – Rain Gods by jmf866

River and Eleven.  Oh
how cute they are together. I will miss that….
Getting back to the nails, sorry. That minisode is what came
to my mind for some reason when I saw the weather challenge theme come up. I
knew right away that I couldn’t say no!
And the line “smelling the ozone dear,” is possibly just the
cutest thing ever as far as I’m concerned.
I wish these photographed better, the sparkles seem to be in
a bit of a war with my camera. I took a few extra in the shadows to *hopefully*
show everything better.
They may not be the most traditional of “weather” nails, but
I love ‘em. I even gave my thumb some rain drops.

So tell me, are you a Doctor Who fan? I know a few of you must be…..

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    1. Thanks love 🙂 I linked to a reddit post that has ALL of the minisodes AND links for Doctor Who, quite a gold mine! I'd highly suggest going through them to see if you missed any. Sometimes the mini episodes are just too cute!

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