Simple Spring Butterfly Nails – Feat. Princess Glamour Nail Polish

If April showers bring May flowers, then what does April
Showers layered with May Flowers make?
……..some pretty spring nails, that’s what!

No but seriously, using two of my polishes from my Princess
Glamour: Shimmery Spring collection, I was able to layer up April showers,
which is this polish:
Princess Glamour: Shimmery Spring “April Showers”
And May Flowers, this polish here:
Princess Glamour: Shimmery Spring “May Flowers”

To create the backdrop for my butterfly fimo slices:

Simple, sparkly, and perfect for Spring! I love this easy
Spring mani look!
If you’d like more information about the Princess Glamour:
Shimmery Spring Collection, check out this post here to learn more about it, or watch the video with swatches.
What is your favorite, go-to easy Spring manicure? Share
pictures on Facebook if you’d like, or link below!
Also, you can enter to win the entire Shimmery Spring collection by entering your Easter or Spring looks in my contest! Check out this link for all of the details and how to enter.

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