Simple Glitter Gradient

Hi lovelies!
Today’s post is just going to be a quickie. I was in between
my “serious” full on manicures but needed a quick something on my nails. Am I
the only one that hates having their nails bare?
I blame Pinterest for my addition to nail art.
Anyways, I thought I would so a super simple and light
glitter gradient. Still sparkly but not over the top. Naturally, the polishes that came to my mind
to use for these were those from my Shimmery Spring collection of my Princess
Glamour Nail Polish line. I love that collection so, SO much because it is all
about layering up (or down) and the cool effects they have over other polishes.
If you aren’t familiar with my line, check it out here.
I used Princess Glamour “April Showers” (the blue) and “Melt”
as the white-ish base.

So what do you think of this look?

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