Share the Love {Valentine’s Day Party}


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Grab your girlfriends, and tell them they’ve got plans for next Thursday, because no one is going to be alone this Valentine’s Day! Seriously. Go text them right now. We are sharing the love this week! I’ve seen so many “Feb.14th is also Singles Awareness Day”, or “Don’t support this hallmark holiday” posts, and you know what, I’m kind of tired of people being “woe is me, I’m all alone on Valentine’s Day”. You’re not. You mean something to someone. Someone loves and values you. It may not be your soul mate right now, but you have friends and family who adore you!
This party idea board is for you and your girlfriends to enjoy! Sweet treats, laughs, and pampering is what this event is about.
Share The Love {Valentine’s Day Party Ideas}
You can actually do a lot of this with less than a week’s
notice, so get going!
First off, start by calling a local massage therapist. LOTS
of them travel, or can refer you to one who does “in home” services. Call, and
schedule to have one or two come out on Valentine’s Day. Have them set up their
tables in a spare room.  You and your
girlfriends can be treated to short back massages, relaxing neck rubs, and even
foot rubs.
**Tip: Get some relaxing candles to decorate the room with
and soft linens for the massage table.
Stop by the store, and pick up your favorite, classic chick
flicks to have on hand. Get at least 2-3 so there are options for
everyone.  And maybe pick up a few
bottles of wine to have on hand.  Google
“chick flicks” to see tons of lists of possibilities if you aren’t sure where
to start.
Treats! So many options to choose from! If you are able to
prepare some treats beforehand (or ask each girlfriend to bring their favorite
treat) consider some of these:


If you are creating a tablescape, try some of these
decorating ideas:


Make sure to consider some of these fantastic drink options:


Images Used:
Cheesecake Pops by Bakerella
Cover Pretzels
by Love From The Oven
heart folded napkin
, shared by Crossroads Cottage
Chocolate Chip Cookies
shared by Cheeky Kitchen
Dollar Store hurricane serving glasses, tutorial from Décor Chick
Love Potion Cocktail, shared by So
Faking Drunk
Candy Magic Perrier
(nonalcoholic drink) shared by Perrier
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As with all Sparkle Queen Events, I want to inspire you to make
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make everything yourself, or you can make things that you could buy, but the
key is to find the right balance for you and your event, and strive to make it

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  1. I so agree with you, I think there are too many people whining on valentine's day just because they're single. So what if you're single? Back then when I was single I still baked cookies and made chocolates for my family and friends, and most importantly: myself! Being single on Valentine's day doesn't mean we can't celebrate. We can always give ourselves some love 😀 ?

  2. Oh wow, I was so sad I wouldn't be able to indulge in those fun drinks this year because of this baby in my belly but I am so happy to see that cotton candy drink is made with Perrier!! I will for sure be having the hubby make that for me on Thursday! Thanks for the ideas!!! 🙂

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