Reconstructed shirt into home organizer!

Hello Darlings!

While I am all for things being super fabulous and shiny at all times, sometimes you just need to be a little more low key. This is one of those moments. 

Let me give you a little background information: Our apartment is pretty tiny, and out kitchen can barely hold two of us in it at the same time. I can’t begin to tell you how limited space is, especially efficient spaces. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that the people who designed these apartments, were undoubtedly all men. Anyways, I needed a space I could put the plastic bags that I get from the grocery stores, my kitchen linens and towels, and any other bags like the ones you put fruit in, or oversized plastic bags from wherever else. My solution? Put them in a shirt!

We have a door in our kitchen that is almost always closed. It just leads into our laundry/storage/mini pantry area. I figured it was really just some wasted space, and I could really use it! This little project, which couldn’t have taken but five minutes to do, was one of the best ideas I’ve had for my organizing lately.
It may not look like much, but it really holds a lot! Take a look at how I have it categorized:

You can see that it’s just an old shirt, nothing fancy done to it. I literally just hot glue gunned the bottom part of the shirt off to prevent anything from falling through.

Where the cuffs are, I just simply put some extra hair scrunches I had that I don’t particularly favor. These keep the bags that are stuffed in either of the arms in, but are loose enough so you can pull out a bag from the bottom of the sleeve very easily!

Overall, it gets the job done, and doesn’t take up any of my precious counter space! Can’t complain about that! Plus, I feel better for still doing a mini project on such an incredibly lazy feeling Sunday! Hope each and every one of you had a fabulous weekend!

The Sparkle Queen

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