Random Nail Art: News + Updates (5000 WHHHATTT?!)

Wow – today is a HUGE day for Random Nail Art! Today is a
milestone. Over 5,000 unique nail art links from bloggers ALL OVER the world
have been added.
That’s crazy!
That’s more than my main nail art board on Pinterest, which
is more than two months old!
I’m almost in disbelief of how quickly this site has grown. Almost.
It seemed only fitting that with such a milestone came this announcement:
a new page has been added to Random Nail Art!
May I introduce you to the Random Nail Art Blogger
Community Page

Now – this page is a LOT longer then what a simple screen
shot could capture. It is a list of just about every blogger who has
contributed their links to Random Nail Art. How awesome is that? All of the links
are set to the blogs home page, so you can instantly see their latest posts –
nail art or not!
Many thanks, hugs and the highest of fives to everyone who
has been rocking buttons
on your blogs! I truly am so very grateful that you are helping support the RNA
community. You rock.

I ALWAYS appreciate any help I can get getting the word out
about this new site, so anything you can tweet, share or post would be
fantastic. A new page will be going up soon with links by other bloggers about Random Nail Art, so if you have one or are writing one, send me the link and I’ll
add it to that list! I really am so grateful for everyone helping get the word
out. Thank you all SO much! You are awesome!
Make sure you are following Random Nail Art on Facebook
(a different page then TSQ) hear about link updates, new bloggers in the
community and to see lots of pretty nails!

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  1. WooHoo!! Congratulations on the huge milestone, Alessandra!!
    And thank you for all of your hard work and creating the special "place" for us to be a part of! It's amazing!

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