Quidditch World Cup – It’s a real event!

Hello darlings!

So apparently there is a real Quidditch World Cup. Yeah, I said it. I’m talking Harry Potter Quidditch. There are brooms. Snitches. Seekers. It’s INSANE. Oh, and by the way, human Snitches? Sounds AWESOME!

Let me fill you in on what I’m talking about. Apparently someone has organized a real Quidditch World Cup, completely based on the game from the Harry Potter books. Custom brooms are involved. People from all over the world come. I found a documentary that explains it all: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=2K-xgBpQU84.
Be sure to check out some of their other videos!

Then I found http://www.worldcupquidditch.com/, homepage of World Cup Quidditch. This year’s Quidditch World Cup is November 12-13, 2011. Apparently there are going to be over 100 teams, and 2,000 players! That’s a huge crowd! Tickets seem to run anywhere from $5 – $99. I kinda wish I was in NY that weekend!

This led to another discovery. I had no idea that there was an International Quidditch Association. Yeah, I’m not joking: http://www.internationalquidditch.org/.  Kind of AWESOME! I’m seriously debating buying the handbook from their store. I’d love to find all of the official rules.

As I continue to watch this documentary, it becomes more apparent to me on how quickly this is taking off. This is a full on full contact-bodily injury expected-blood will be spilt- sport. I wish we had this in high school! Even Harvard (yeah, the college!) have teams! 

This was just too cool not to share! I hope my fellow Harry Potter fans are as excited about this as I am!
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