Purple Bling For Scarlett – FingerFood’s Theme Buffet

Today’s nail art is specially made for Scarlett, the
daughter of Sam from FingerFood.
Sam has been wonderful enough to manage and maintain this very awesome nail art
challenge, I’m sure you’ve seen on lots of blogs, called “FingerFood’s Theme
Buffet.” Each week are prompted with a new challenge to stretch our creative

This week’s theme was “For Scarlett”. I remember reading this
from Sam, way back in February, for a nail art challenge look. The
theme at the time was “adoration”, and Scarlett was helping Sam out with the
look, and requested nice big diamonds! Sam created a gorgeous look with that inspiration.

So I thought I would take her love of sparkle and big
diamonds, and create a look that would be fit for a little princess!

To create this look, I used these polishes:
Zoya Mimi – base purple (did stain) ZP509
Cover Girl – 410 Amethyst Mist

Plus some Swarovski AB crystals of course! What princess doesn’t want
sparkle and shimmer?

Don’t forget to check out all of the looks in this week’s

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