Project Runway Season 10 Episode 9: It’s All About Me

Yes! This week something that is actually CREATIVE happened
on Project Runway. Make your own print, inspired by the individual designer’s
culture and heritage. How is that not awesome?
Some of my favorite designs of the week were by….
Melissa: Whooooo! She stepped outside of her comfort bubble,
used red and white. And what a gorgeous print! It worked beautifully with the
dress  shape. She is my favorite of the
Dmitry: Sophisticated, yet something unique with the
floating fabric effect. A great way to create a print, but not cover it up with
sheer fabric *cough cough* because it is so in your face.
Sonjia: The pants are awesome, but the printed pants mixed
with that top (and the fantastic back!) are superb. Mind you, it’s not a look
for every shape, but very chic for those who can.
Elena: I love the modern and futuristic vibe it gave off.
Such a fun, young look, especially for her.  AND there were no crazy structured shoulders,
good job!
On a side note, I am SO glad the judges FINALLY told Ven to
knock it off with the flower folding. Hopefully he will listen, but let’s not
get too excited.
What design did you like the most this week?
The Sparkle Queen

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