Project Runway Season 10 Episode 8: Starving Artist

I’m over this season of Project Runway. There are way more
team challenges then necessary, massive egos, and completely boring looks.
I miss the earlier seasons where designers actually had
points of view, were CREATIVE, and the challenges really helped bring out the
individual designs of the contestants.
If I HAD to pick a favorite for this week, I’d pick Dmitry’s
look. Nothing amazing, but it is sophisticated and could be a nice date night
Now, I know I live in Florida, and we are not known for our
variety of seasons. We consider it “cold” when it’s under 80 out. Shorts and
flip flops are what people can throw on to be comfy on Christmas. So obviously,
I’m not an “outerwear” pro. But what I DO know is these women looked like a
mess on the runway. The winning team does look substantially better than the
others, but I think it will take a particular type of woman to really rock
those looks.
What do you think about this season of Project Runway? Is it
snooze-fest for you too?

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