Project Runway Season 10 Episode 7: Oh My Lord and Taylor

Did you watch Project Runway last night? If no, you may want
to watch before reading the rest of this post, because I am covering ALL of the
designers, and giving some honest opinion on all the looks!
But as a quick recap…The designers were asked to make a look
that fit into the Project Runway Capsule Collection to be sold online and in
the main Lord & Taylor stores.  The
fabric was supplied by the Lord & Taylor supplier/manufacturing group, so
no trip to Mood!
My absolute favorite design of this week was made by Dmitry.
I thought his look was perfect, and would really fit into their collection beautifully.
It really looked modern, but still very classic. And, women of various sizes
could wear this dress (and even a full bra with it!).
Dmitry Dress
But then there was Elena. I really get that this was not her
challenge. I’m not sure if these designers realize this, if you want to do
Project Runway (especially these last few seasons), you must realize that they
are getting closer and closer to the “would we be able to sell that in a store”
motto then to the runway- avant garde  style.
 But, as it turns out they actually liked
her dress. I can honestly say I would never wear that dress, but harness
dresses aren’t for everyone.
Alicia, stepped up and made her dress as girlie as I think
she could. But it was still sporty, despite her best efforts. Not nearly formal
enough to fit into this collection though.
Christopher and his damn shredding! I don’t think it is
formal, nor do I think it is pretty. I honestly thought it was pretty plain all
around. I’d expect (good) designers to keep trying to push themselves to try
new, bigger and better techniques.  But
Christopher was not the only one who took the “safe cause I’ve done it before
and they seemed to like it route.” Ven did the same thing as well. And I’m
sorry, maybe it is because I actually have a chest (especially compared to some
of these models) but I can’t ever recall thinking to myself, “Yes, I think I
want to cover up my chest AND cover it with a black flower”. That doesn’t
esthetically look right ( I mean really, a flower covering your ENTIRE
chest?!), but think about how distorted that black flower is going to look on a
woman who DOES have a chest. It is going to look like a hot mess.
 I personally would
have put Fabio in the bottom. It was not a “WOW” dress, it was nothing special,
and that a-symmetrical hem doesn’t make any sense. BUT a lot of women can wear
the dress, so that makes it more sellable, and that’s pretty much what matters.
Sonjia could also easily be in the bottom in my opinion. I think those wings on
the hips look ridiculous. And if they aren’t there, that dress looks so bland.
And for once, I completely agree with the judges about their
critique. But this time it was in regards to Gunnar AND Melissa. I KNOW I’ve
seen that dress before, it wasn’t anything special. Sequins and mesh are not
something all women can wear, just- because you change the length of it. Melissa’s
fabric choice looked fantastic on the runway. I’d be a little weary of saying “all
women” could wear it. I’m not sure how that top suspended without straps would
hold up on a woman with actual boobs.  And a flat, straight hem would have made that
dress 100% in my eyes.
Melissa’s Dress
It was such a pleasant surprise that the judges did
something nice and kept someone instead of sending someone home for once.
And just when you think the producers have a soul, they show
the teaser for next week. Team challenge, in groups of THREE, and they have to
hustle the streets to get money for fabric?
Yeha, that should go well.
Who made your favorite look for this week?
The Sparkle Queen

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