Project Runway Season 10 Episode 6: Fix My Friend

Who doesn’t love a good makeover?!  I think this week was a fantastic and positive
episode. I say positive, just because there has been ridiculous amounts of
drama the last few episodes. And I know, everyone says the team challenges are
for the drama and it show the designers true nature, but I think it is harder
to fake being an all-around awesome person. Take for example, Ven. I’m not sure
who taught him his manners, but as a “plus” size male, I can’t believe he
treated his client with such disrespect! Calling someone fat, AND “fashionably
challenged” is not working in your favor there bud, no matter how you
rationalize it in your head.
I know this show is focused on dressing runway-ready models,
but these designers really surprised me. And not in the best way…. so many of
these clothes are incredibly ill fitting. The hair makeovers were by far their
best improvement.  But at least they are
taking risks right?
Alicia took a MAJOR risk, not just in design, but out of her
own personal comfort zone. I’ve got to give the girl credit, even if it is a
little houchie, it looks pretty good.
I think Dmitry did awesome this week. The color was great,
the fit complimented her perfectly. I wish the V-neck was a little deeper, but
I’ll take it as is.
Fabio totally shocked me; I didn’t know he could create something
so chic. That girl looks fantastic, and by far one of the strongest make-overs.
A lot of the other designers may have had better luck if
they added 2 inches to their hem lines, considered their clients sizes a little
more, and maybe remembered that real girls have boobs, and boobs mean we need
some support in the right places! Anyways, I’m quite pleased with how the
designs came out this week, especially with a 1 day turn around.
Looks made and going into production sounds intriguing, I’m
looking forward to next week!
Do you thing the designers did a good job with their
makeovers this week?

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  1. I was also pleasantly surprised to see what Fabio came up with! I would absolutely wear that dress. Ven is disgusting and gross; my co-worker at Dish was saying she wished the judges had sent a message by sending him home. No matter how good you are at making clothes, it is NEVER okay to treat another human being the way Ven treated Terri. I won’t be home to watch the next episode, but fortunately I can count on my Hopper to record it for me. It’s a relief to know I won’t be out of the loop at all, since this is one of my favorite shows. My friends and I love to discuss it every week. 🙂

    1. I thought about that too, if the judges were to make "an example" out of Ven. But they can't, because he is SO talented and can really make some lovely looks, AND because they shred the some of the ladies WAY more when they are critiquing on the runway. They love the drama! It is sad that people are so mean to one another still 🙁

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