Project Runway Season 10 Episode 5: It’s My Way on the Runway

Dear Producers of Project Runway:
Please make the team challenges stop. Your designers hate
them, your viewers hate them. 
Everyone I know who watches the show.
(and me too!)
I have a dream. A dream that one day, a creative reality tv
show in the category of fashion and design (or even cooking) will focus on the
POINT of the show, which in this case, is fashion. Not the drama, not all the
elementary school children calling each other out and pointing fingers.  The fashion.
I realize that a lot of the designers are male this season.
But really, how did NO ONE realize that most of these looks are really not
wearable for the current workplace?
Lets take a look at “team 5” first.

Working from left to right: Look one is pretty lack
luster.  That skirt is different and
slightly interesting, but how do you think those pleats are going to look on a
woman with curves? Look two, I bet if there were some construction/editing it
could maybe work.
Now Look three, would work if you were a higher up person
who literally sat at a desk all day. But could you imagine someone trying to
file things, or be up and moving around? You would spend all day constantly
pulling down your top so it doesn’t pop up over the belt.
Look four is a hot mess. You can’t wear a one shoulder to an
office. It’s just not professional. And I agree with Nina, neither are pajama
looking pants. And I know Michael loved Look 5, but that dress is nothing new
or revolutionary.
And then there was “team 6”.
I personally don’t see most of those looks being office
friendly. The wide leg pant from Look one would work, but those aren’t anything
amazing. I love Look two (the block print dress), but unless you are actually
Heidi Klum, you are not really office appropriate with the small of your back
showing through.
Look three: no one looks good in skinny jeans, even super
skinny girls.  The blue/purple dress of
Look four is editorial, sure, but about two inches too short to be appropriate
for most office environments.  And I
don’t need to explain why the top on Look five is a mess, but I think the skirt
is a fantastic choice in color.
And please don’t hate me, but I seriously saw Look 6 and was
like “oh, for the working mom to cradle her baby in?” Yeah, that skirt is just
going to make a woman with curves look super big.
I suppose the looks were editorial, but man, if they were
judged on REAL women in a REAL work environment, nearly all of them would be
sent home!
Next week’s episode should have happened before this week’s
episode, so some of the designers could see how a REAL woman moves and
operates, and not some twig.  Either way,
I’m still looking forward to seeing how the male designers cope with the
Who was your favorite designer this week? What was your
favorite look?

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  1. I totally agree that these outfits are not work appropriate! I couldn’t even imagine the looks I’d get from my Dish coworkers if I walked into the office wearing any of these outfits. I also agree that the show could do without all the screaming matches and trash talking. In fact, I’ve gotten in the habit of recording the episodes just so I can fast-forward through all the senseless drama. Luckily, I have the Hopper DVR, with a huge amount of recording space, to accommodate all these lengthy episodes. I can’t wait for all the bad designers to be eliminated so we can actually watch a heated competition centering on fashion!

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking these are NOT office appropriate, not to mention logistical nightmares! I've started just streaming it on the mylifttime website and work on a project in the background while they are all yelling at each other. Then when it's runway time I start paying attention again lol. Who is your favorite designer so far?

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