Project Runway Season 10 Episode 2: Candy Couture

Yes! The best episode of the SEASON! Well, I think so at least…. It’s the unconventional challenge! And this year, they went to
a candy store! If you can’t tell by my already over-use of exclamation marks, I
am so excited! I love these types of challenges because it gets people out of
their comfort zone, but it really shows the designer’s true creativity and ingenuity.
 With $500 to spend at a candy store, how
can you NOT make something fantastic?
This week I had five favorites. I really wanted to see
people make things that were innovative in the sense that they used the candy unexpectedly,
but I also really wanted them to make something that was beautiful and looked
like real clothes.
Fabio knocked it out of the park as far as I am concerned.
This picture does not even do it justice. I can’t believe he made that kind of
delicate gradient out of CANDY!  Crazy
Fabio’s Candy Dress
Dmitry also really did well. Towards the bottom of the
dress, it looks a little “extra candy-y” but I think the dress was quite
impressive. I bet if he did a full on beaded dress, it would be gorgeous.
Dmitry’s  candy dress
Buffi’s candy dress

I know the judges hate Buffi, but I think her look was super
cute. Maybe it’s a little more on the dress up and play in Candyland, but still

By far Sonjia was the
most innovative with her use of candy. What is there, like 5 different types of
candy on this dress? It looks beautiful! Well done girl!
Sonjia’s Candy Dress
Ven’s Candy Dress
Finally! Ven won! I think his piece was absolutely
stunning.  It may be the only time me and
the judges agree. However, I’m just putting this out there. This is the second
episode, and in BOTH epsisodes so far, we have seen that spiral – flower –
twist patter and shape. Is that just a coincidence? Or is that his “signature”
thing? I guess we will see next week!

Speaking of next week, team challenge and post project
runway designers? Talk about a hot mess.
Who was your favorite designer for this week’s challenge?
The Sparkle Queen

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