Project Runway Season 10 Episode 12: In A Place Far, Far Away

Hello Darlings!
I can’t believe we are down to the top 5 designers of
ANOTHER season of Project Runway. I can honestly say, this is not really my
favorite season, but it is still something fun to watch.  I am glad they FINALLY brought in some
avant-garde into the season, I was beginning to wonder if they were not going
to have any this season.  To me, how
designers respond (and what they make) to avant-garde challenges really shows
their innermost creativity.
Thank goodness for Tim! He calls it like he sees it, and
especially in this episode, you can see the direction the designers were going
before their consult with Tim, and then their final looks. Personally, I think
a lot of the changes were for the better.
My favorite look of this week was by Dmitry, not because it
was so over the top or outrageous. For me, it was THE only piece that looked finished
and completed. Plus the sparkly details were fantastic accents.

Dmitry’s avant-garde look

Christopher probably had a good concept, but it looks like
it is just not QUITE finished. Maybe with a few work days it would look
better.  It certainly had potential. Does
the look kind of remind you of one of his earlier designs from the season? It did
to me.

Christopher’s avant-garde dress
I don’t think that Fabio was necessarily avant-garde, but he
still had an interesting concept. Maybe next time, I’d like to see it without
the jacket.  I bet the dress alone could
be really pretty.  Not avant-garde, but
still nice.
Fabio’s avant-garde dress
Sonjia! She made it work! So she didn’t get the cool gold
fabric, which I was really interested in seeing what she did with it. That’s ok!
I think she pulled it together really well all things considered. Though, it
would be interesting to see another print or pop of color in the design.  Overall, she was probably my second favorite
designer of the week.
Sonjia’s avant-garde dress
Oh Melissa! In concept, I’m sure she had a great idea, but
in reality, the fit was just SO OFF. Not unlike a lot of the other designs, a
few more hours of work time could have made a WORLD of change (and hopefully
for the better!).
Melissa’s avant-garde look
I cannot WAIT to see the final collections from everyone!
What look did you like this week? And who’s final collection do you want to see?
The Sparkle Queen

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