Project Runway Season 10 Episode 11: It’s a Fashion Baby

Hello Darlings!
Am I the only one who thought this episode of Project Runway
was hilarious? Generally bitchy designers have to make baby clothes that will
be manufactured, but on top of that they have to take care of one of those “active
babies” or whatever they are called. AND make the mom a companion look. 
Hahahahahah Awesome!
Maybe they will get a
sense of how whiny they are!
Probably not, but you never know.
So there is a lot of cuteness in this episode:
Sonjia’s complete look for mommy and baby were my favorite
of the week! I think it was simple, yet looked like something that would
actually be worn AND be practical.
I know I normally don’t like Christopher, but I think he did
a good job this week! I bet a little kid would love the dress! It is textural,
and bright, and seems simple enough to wear.

Fabio’s mommy and son look were super cute, and I get the
vintage vibe (and love it!).

Little Dmitry’s baby looks like a mini robot, a cute robot,
but a robot none the less. And the mom is pretty modern herself.
And I know a lot of people like Elena, but I think her mom
looks like a hot mess, and the kid looks like it dressed herself.  Unfortunately Melissa and her looks were only
slightly worse than Elena.
So now that we are down to 5 designers, who are you rooting
The Sparkle Queen

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