Project Runway Season 10 Episode 1: A Times Square Anniversary Party

Hello Darlings!
Did you watch the Project Runway season premiere last night?
No? That’s ok, I didn’t either! I watched it this morning on the My Lifetime
site (with a lot less commercials I might add!). I am so glad the show is back.
I have been watching it since the very beginning. I just love it. I was a
little worried however, to find out it was starting so close to the end of “The
Fashion Star”, a series that aired earlier this spring/summer, and was a huge
hit. If you missed it, the jist of it is this: the show airs, and later that
night at midnight (online) or the next day in stores, you can buy the winning designer’s
look at Macy’s, H & M or Saks Fifth Avenue, whoever won the bid for the
look. It is a pretty fantastic concept I think. The show has a very clear goal
for its designers: make clothes that American consumers would literally want to
go out and buy the next day. It was very clear in the judging, and mentoring
what they were going for. I liked that.
Now, back to Project Runway. Watching the first episode of
the season this morning, I started to wonder what EXACTLY they are looking for.
But alas, with Nina, Michael, and Heidi, it’s still a battle of “would I wear
as the major contributing factor to who wins or not. Which is not
necessarily bad, I just wish they had a CLEAR objective of what they were
looking for. Christopher had a nice evening gown, I’ll give you that, but I don’t
get how they just completely excused his “meh” black dress when Ven had two
GORGEOUS looks, with no flaws to hear of.  Another season of me against the judges it
There are two designers’ that really stand out for me. They
both seem incredibly talented in the technical skills, but also professional. I
am not interested in the drama or the name calling that is the bulk of
programing it seems, in America. I really just want to see creative,
innovative, and beautiful works of fashion. Is that so much to ask for?
Dmitry’s pieces were certainly not “oh my gosh that is going
on my Pinterest want list right now” inspiring, but I want to see more of what
he can do in the future. I hope he produces something fantastic next week! Here is what he made this week:
Dmitry’s Dress

Dmitry’s Dress
Ven’s work is my favorite so far. I worry though, how he
will work in the future. It’s one thing to create that beautiful flower bustier
in week’s (or days, however long it took to make), but that’s just not how
Project Runway works. You get a day here, a few hours there, MAYBE two days if
you are lucky. You just don’t get that much time. I hope he adapts and makes it
work! These are his two pieces of the week:
Ven’s Outfit

Ven’s Dress
Elena and Melissa are also on my radar, but they are kind of
in a grey area. I don’t see their work and instantly get blown away, but there
is undoubtedly some sort of lingering interest on what they CAN do in the
future. I look forward to seeing them progress.
And am I the only one super excited about the teaser for
next week’s unconventional challenge? That is my FAVORITE episode of the
Who are you going to be rooting for this season? Any faves
The Sparkle Queen 

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