Project Runway All Stars Episode Ten: Let’s Get Down To Business

Good Morning Darlings!
Ahhh, the final four! This week’s Project Runway All Stars has gotten a lot of points in my book from me! I just love that they are giving them a challenge where they have to be a little more conscious of the price of the garment they are making. Not everyone out there can shell out thousands of dollars for a one of a kind dress! I think it’s good to bring them down to reality a little, you know? And then they brought in the “coster” who started saying what the designs would retail for.  $300+ for some very basic dresses?  No wonder that district is dying, the pricing is out of the reign of everyone I know.
Let’s take a look at this week’s ready to wear designs:
Mondo, who I normally adore, unfortunately made what appears to be a dress out of a tween’s old pillowcase? Oh, but there are pockets. I’m sorry, but if I am paying that much for a dress, it had better be fitted immaculately.
Mondo’s Dress
Michael. How incredibly unoriginal of you! Not only have we seen that look from you, but you continue to ignore the input of the judges. Most women are NOT going to be able to wear that dress. We have boobs! We need to wear a bra. And even we used those little eye hooks, we could buy the same dress at the mall for $20 bucks. I really want to know why you think your piece really stands out to the judges to put you through to the finale.
Austin is my favorite for the week. I think any woman could wear it, and it would translate well into several different looks for various times of the day. Good job! Plus that raspberry color, divine! I would buy it.
Austin’s Coat
Kenley, I have one question for you. If you’ve made “ready to wear” clothes before, why do you think that it is ok to leave such a beautiful print like that un-matched at the seams? It completely ruins the look of your dress! I think it’s kind of boring personally, but that’s just me.
Kenley’s dress
Personally, if it was up to me, I would have the top three be Austin, Mondo and Michael. Not because I necessarily like any of their looks every time, but at least you know what you are getting. Austin will do crazy fabulous looks, Mondo will make something bright and beautiful, and Michael will probably make a show stopper dress (or not, but it will still be pretty!). Kenley just doesn’t push herself and has very frumpy or boring designs to me. Ironically enough, I finally had the same conclusion as the judges!
So the final three are going to be Austin, Mondo and Michael! I’m not entirely sure why in the teaser we saw all of the other eliminated designers, but I have no doubt it will be interesting!
Do you agree with the final three?
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