Project Runway All Stars Episode Six: Fashion Face Off

Hello Darlings!

Did you catch last night’s Project Runway All Stars? If not, go watch it on, they post the full episode for your viewing pleasure!

Sportswear for a seasonal weekend getaway is a challenge in itself, but now competing against one other person brings it to a whole other level! I think the designers had their work cut out for them this week! On top of all that, the DRAMA! Jeez. Lots of drama this week.
Here are some of my faves for the week:
I really enjoyed the boho winter style Jerell’s Winter look put together:
Jerell’s Winter look
Everything Rami put together I just loved, I always love his work, but this week that coat was just AMAZING! After all of the gorgeous looks he has put out, I can’t believe they sent him on his way! That is just heartbreaking, especially compared to Austin whose design was so bleh. Rock on Rami, you are such a talented designer.
Rami’s Autumn Coat

Rami’s Autumn Coat
I think Kara is a probably a good designer, and I agree with the judges, nothing is original in this look. But it is still a beautiful pair of pants!
Kara’s White Pants
Le sigh. I miss Rami already! Next week’s Broadway episode should be interesting, especially with the seven that are left!
The Sparkle Queen 

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