Project Runway All Stars Episode Seven: Puttin’ on the Glitz

Hello Darlings!
Wow, this week’s Project Runway All Stars challenge is intense! The designers are competing to create the most glamour and glitzy separates look that an actress will wear on Broadway in “Godspell”, but will also get a bio on the program. Apparently the woman is rich because she steals, so she flaunts her wealth. Anyways, that is HUGE! I’m going to be honest, I am not a big Broadway person, I have no clue who those people they interviewed are, but I do know having your look in the show and program for people to see, photograph and read about is nothing short of monumental.
My favorite looks for the week are: (just 2!)
Jerell’s look is one of my faves because it actually looks like something someone could wear, and act in no less. That black detailing on the jacket is awesome. Very cool look.
Jerell’s look
Mondo! I just LOVED this look. Not so much the hair, but the clothes itself were awesome. The jacket really worked well with that dress. He is so talented with patterns.
Mondo’s look

Elements of other designer’s looks were nice, but I don’t particularly like the whole look:
I liked Kenley’s skirt. It was a nice print and I could see it worn. But with that jacket and hair piece, it was just too much for me. That’s about all I like from her look.
Kenley’s skirt
Same situation with Michael. I think it’s a pretty dress, but the hairpiece was just a little too much. I also don’t think it really has anything to do with the character, but it is a pretty skirt and blouse. 
On a side note, I wish it was Kara who had left at a later point and Rami was still in. He was consistently an amazing designer, and always made things women would wear. Kara, not so much.  But I guess I can’t change the past. Oh well.
The Sparkle Queen

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