Project Runway All Stars Episode Four: Good Taste Tastes Good

Hello Darlings!
I hope you got to watch Project Runway All Stars last night! I watched it this morning on  What a way to decide what color to be inspired by then off of a Gelato cart! On top of that, the guest judge this week is the infamous and always fabulous, Diane Von Furstenberg, AND the designers only have 6 hours to create their look. No pressure there!
So let’s look at the very colorful and beautiful creations of the week!
Anthony’s “Green Tea” gelato dress was too cute! Very fresh, very spring ready. I loved it!
Anthony’s “Green Tea” gelato dress

Michael’s “Grapefruit” gelato dress was one of my faves this week, though I wish it was in a different color. I’m just not THAT much of a pink fan, and that’s a lot of pink! Those shoes were AWESOME too! It is very elegant and I loved the movement it brought on the runway.  That back is stunning, I just love it.
Michael’s “Grapefruit” gelato dress
Michael’s “Grapefruit” gelato dress
Mondo’s “Cantaloupe” gelato kimono dress was very bright, vibrant. I think it was very classy with a nice pop of color.
Mondo’s “Cantaloupe” gelato kimono dress

Mondo’s “Cantaloupe” gelato kimono dress
Rami’s “Kiwi” gelato dress is only for girls who like green! That is a lot of green, and not everyone could pull it off. But it was very well made and I think with the proper figure, it could be worn well.
Rami’s “Kiwi” gelato dress
My favorite of the week was Jerell and his “Fruits of the Forest” gelato dress. That look was by far the most outgoing and unique look of the week. It fit the color profile of the gelato, but also the feel of it that whole fruit in the forest vibe.
Jerell  “Fruits of the Forest” gelato dress

Jerell  “Fruits of the Forest” gelato dress
I’m a little on the edge deciding if I like Austin’s “Vanilla Madagascar” gelato look. It looks impeccably made, lots of details, but it almost seems like one of those nontraditional wedding dresses to me.  It is a pretty dress though.
Austin’s “Vanilla Madagascar” gelato dress
This week’s episode really drew me back into the Project Runway All Stars show, because I was a little unhappy with the direction of last week’s episode. Next week’s episode teaser looks good; I can’t wait to see it!
The Sparkle Queen

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