Project Runway All Stars Episode Eleven: Finale Part 1

Hello Darlings!
I LOVED the first part of Project Runway All Stars Finale! I think the designers are going to create some amazing pieces for us to admire next week. Four days to create six looks is a not a lot of time, but I think they are up for the challenge!
Is anyone else surprised that no one picked Rami for their 24 hours of help? To me he seemed like one of THE people to get on your team. Apparently not….
What do you think of Mondo’s creative process? Do you think it will hurt him? He seemed to have caught up pretty close to the designers, which is impressive considering he lost a day’s worth of work.
It’s still too early to tell who will win, or who has the best collection, but just out of pure personality, I think Austin has the best mindset to be a guest editor. Mondo, while he is creative, makes things that honestly, not every woman will want to wear. And Michael, while he does create beautiful look, you have to be a supermodel to wear, and you can pretty much never wear a bra. That is just not realistic for the average American woman reading Marie Claire.
Either way, I am still excited to see the finale!
The Sparkle Queen

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