Project Accessory Season 1 Episode 5: “Beach Blanket Blingo”

Hello Darlings!
It’s that time of the week again….. PROJECT ACCESSORY time! This week’s episode was “Beach Blanket Blingo”, what a mouthful to say.  The designers got to pick their models based on last week’s score, but the catch was that they had to keep the bathing suit that the model was wearing! Some bathing suits were less than pretty, that’s for sure.  The minimum amount of things the designers had to make to go with their bathing suit looks were a pair of sandals, a piece of headwear, and any accessory of choice.  To kick up the competition even more, the majority of the materials the designers had to work with came from the sands of the Coney Island beach and any of the tourist shops nearby. Yeah, talk about a challenge.
If you haven’t gotten to watch the episode (or the older ones) you can watch it on here.
My favorites list for this week is kind of short, but ya can’t love them all right?
I think Adrian’s overall look gave a more classic beach look, especially based on the bathing suit he had to work with.

Christina made some interesting pieces, but cohesively I’m not sure if they looked good.
This necklace of hers was beautiful, considering they were all found objects. It really gave a sculptural effect to it.

Normally I am not one for tie sandals, it just seems counterintuitive to the purpose of wearing sandals, but I’d make an exception for these. I think the natural coral aspect combined with the glitzy Swarovski stone was just simple and elegant. I would wear them no questions asked.
Let’s hope next week will be more creative and expressive, and there will be some more bling from Swarovski involved!
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