Project Accessory Season 1 Episode 4: “It’s in the bag!”

Hello Darlings,

Yay! Another episode of Project Accessory! This week’s episode is called “It’s in the bag!” and is all things handbag. For those of you who had a moment to watch ( I watch it on ), they said the average number of handbags a woman owned was six. Six handbags.  I would assume they are talking about day to day bags. According to those type of statistics, I just a SMIDGE over the national average, plus about 10 more haha. Minor details, minor details…
The designers got to pick the girl they were making their bags for, based on the contents of their bag.  On top of that, all of the contents have to be able to fit the personality of the girl, but they have to also physically fit in all of the contents in the bag they make.  Apparently, the girls they are designing bags for are mini superstars in the Ebay fashion circuit. I’ve never heard of any of them, but I give props to the designer who had to make a bag to fit that Apple laptop in.
In case that wasn’t enough of a challenge, or a classic Project anything show, in the second consult with the girls they are designing for, a twist appears. The bag the girls come with, are their favorite old bags which turn out to be left behind for the designers to make an addition accessory out of.
Enough talking, more pictures, I know!
Adrian’s purse was beautiful:

Diego was the winner in my heart tonight! Look at all of the beautiful things he made:

Nina’s coppery purse was beautiful, but her ring was so awesome too! I think her designs were some of the most unique out of all of the designs this week.

Until next time….
The Sparkle Queen

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